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Storage Solutions

Small Units
1m x 1m =  2.4m3

1m x 1.5m =  3.6m3

3m  x 1.5m = 13.5m3

These size units are ideal for:

Decluttering that room you're wanting back!

Great for storing boxes (pictures, or documentation)!

Great size for 1 bedroom apartment!

Medium Units:
3m x 3m =   27m3
3m x 4m =    36m3

These units are ideal for:
Will hold the contents of a 2/3 bedroom home. 


Large Units:
6m x 3m =   54m3
7m x 3m =    63m3
9m x 3m =    81m3

These units are ideal for:
A full house of furniture,
(4 bedroom & garage)
Could also suit vehicle or boat storage.

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